UK Asking 'High-Risk' & 'Minority' Patients to Sign Up For COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

Ever since a government study declared that minorities in the UK appear to be more vulnerable to the virus than whites (though this racial disparity diminishes substantially once occupation and class are introduced as factors), it appears the UK public health authorities have caught the social justice bug.

The data prompted the UK Vaccines Task Force, the public health authority responsible for supervising the many studies of a COVID-19 vaccine, to put out urgent calls for more minority candidates to sign up for their trials, despite recruiting 100,000 candidates for the studies.

On Monday, the UK government put out another similar request, asking for more volunteers who are either "high risk" (elderly or immuno-compromised), front-line hospital or care-home workers, or ethnic minorities.

Here's more from Reuters:

The government said it was particularly keen for over 65s, frontline health and care workers and people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds to sign up.

"Protecting those at risk is the only way we will end this pandemic," said Kate Bingham, chair of the UK Vaccines Taskforce. "Getting 100,000 volunteers on board is a great start but we need many more people from many different backgrounds that we can call on for future studies if we are to find a vaccine quickly to protect those who need it."

Recruiting these groups might be more difficult now that English-language media in the US and the UK has been blasting out stories claiming minorities are more susceptible to the virus, when what they really mean is that minorities are dying at higher rates than white people largely because a higher percentage of minorities are in working-class jobs.

Given liberals' fondness for justifying every wanton decision with "science", we're curious about how this attitude evolved, considering that typically, racial differences don't impact how a vaccine works in the human body.

The Times of India, meanwhile, reported that the British government has even gone so far as to broadcast ads in Gujarati, Punjabi and Bengali - languages commonly spoken by members of the Indian diaspora - in the hopes of recruiting more migrants for the studies.

While health officials are put through their paces by the "anti-racist" crowd, we can't help but wonder whether the UK Vaccine Task Force's priorities will slow the start of these trials, potentially stymying the rollout of a vaccine while the west continues to Bash Russia's vaccine, even though more countries are signing up to run trials or buy medication.

But don't worry: if this decision leads to more lives being lost unnecessarily, at least we can rest easy knowing they died in the name of "equality.”

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