UK Bans Norwegian Anti-Migration Activist - Who Lives In London

A London-based Norwegian man was denied entry into the UK due to his personal views and activism against open borders and mass migration into Europe.

Tore Rasmussen was returning to his home in London when he was detained and held overnight by authorities at Gatwick airport.

“I am currently detained at Gatwick airport and have been refused entry to the UK,” Rasmussen tweeted during the ordeal. “According to the Home Office, I ‘share values which do not commensurate with UK society’ which is newspeak for ‘You reject Multiculturalism.’”

“Beautiful day in London this morning,” he wrote in an update the following day. “Glad I was only kept in the holding room for one night. Now being deported from the UK for the ‘crime’ of wanting a free and open debate about multiculturalism and mass immigration.”

Border control was operating on a heightened state of alert in advance of the ‘Day For Freedom’ rally, which took place in London on Sunday and featured thousands of Brits and foreigners demonstrating in support of free speech and against the invasion of Europe by migrants from Africa and the Middle East.

Rasmussen was subsequently expelled back to Austria, his last visited country, despite many of his possessions still being in London.

“As a Norwegian citizen, I had been legally residing in London since mid-December,” Rasmussen told Infowars Europe. “I knew when I left to visit Austria that there was a chance the Home Office would not allow me back into the UK, so I prepared accordingly. A friend will be shipping my belongings to me.”

“However, my mission in the UK is not finished, so I plan to appeal the Home Office's decision. On the bright side, if they can deport me, then they can also start deporting Islamists as well.”

The UK has barred access to a growing list of ‘right wing’ foreigners in recent months, but the decision made against Rasmussen, already a resident within the country, likely sets a new precedent.

“I think it's a dangerous development when the authorities restrict freedom of speech to such an extent that they deny you entry because they do not like what you believe in,” Rasmussen told Aftenposten. “I have not broken any laws, I have not said anything untrue or harassed anyone. But, apparently, they believe I have right-wing opinions that do not match British values, something I disagree with.”

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