UK Blocks Geert Wilders From Speaking at ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ Rally

The UK government has effectively blocked Dutch MP Geert Wilders from speaking at a rally in support of political prisoner Tommy Robinson in London, Wilders reports.

Wilders announced that measures have been taken to prevent his ability to securely attend the July 14th event at Whitehall.

“UK Ambassador in The Hague just informed the Dutch authorities that they will not provide for my security in London this Saturday and will not give the Dutch diplomatic police weapon permits either, so unfortunately I cannot attend nor speak at the #FreeTommy rally in London,” Wilders tweeted on Wednesday.

Wilders, one of the most prominent anti-Islamization figureheads in the world, cannot safely appear in public without an armed security detail due to a price on his head being sought by jihadists and a constant slew of death threats from Islamists.

The Dutch opposition leader has lived under police protection since 2004 and rotates between a series of safe houses and fortified locations.

Wilders traveled to London in June to appear at ‘Free Tommy’ demonstration without issue, but a return visit now seems unlikely, indicating a further spiral into anti-free speech, Sharia-sympathetic authoritarianism in the United Kingdom.

Tommy Robinson was arrested in May while reporting via video livestream outside the trial of an accused Islamic grooming gang, convicted of being in "contempt of court," and immediately sentenced to 13 months in prison.

As Infowars Europe reported at the time, "Judge Geoffrey Marson QC admitted that he barely watched Robinson's livestream, despite it being the focal point of Robinson's arrest according to the arresting officers themselves."

Mass demonstrations calling for Robinson's release from prison have been on-going since his arrest, and it is speculated that Wilders could appear remotely to address the audience on July 14.

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