UK Blowing Massive Sums on Pizza for Boat Migrants

The U.K. government is spending large amounts of taxpayer money on pizza for illegal aliens arriving via the English Channel, according to reports.

Brexit architect Nigel Farage recently reacted to reports that over $13,000 was spent on Domino's pizzas for migrants during the month of September.

Farage asserted that fellow taxpayers are "pretty mad" about being forced to fund mass-scale food deliveries to processing centers for illegal aliens.

The figure could be substantially higher, as GB News presenter Patrick Christys has indicated over $9,000 was dropped on two days worth of pizza for illegals this week – and more was spent on food trucks after migrants complained about 'cold kebabs.'

"A Dover branch of Dominos was forced to close last week after Border Force officers ordered hundreds of pizzas to feed migrants who had crossed the Channel," GB News reports. "On Wednesday, Border Force officers reportedly bought 200 pizzas from Domino's to feed the 703 migrants who had arrived. On Thursday, the figure rose to 500 pizzas to feed the record 1,185 new arrivals."

"But it gets better ladies and gentlemen - Border Force then ordered two burger vans to arrive after the illegal immigrants complained some of their kebabs were cold."

Over $500 million of taxpayer money is reportedly being spent per year on "asylum-related accommodation" for illegal aliens in the U.K.

"Many people on the breadline, possibly with a couple of young kids, who work in low level public sector jobs, like a hospital cleaner, or at an inner-city primary school, will be seeing this government hike up taxes, take money out of their pockets, presents out of their children’s Christmas stockings… do you reckon those people can afford to buy a Dominos pizza for their family?" Christys asked.

Infowars Europe has frequently reported on the monumental increase of illegal migration across the English Channel in recent years, as well as the havoc wreaked by illegal aliens after they are placed in asylum centers or hotels across Britain.

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