UK Company Creates Knives Without Tips as Crime Wave Soars to Decade High

A UK company is marketing a new range of knives without sharp tips in response to soaring knife crime levels, which just hit another decade high.

Sheffield-based company Viners has produced the “Assure” range, square-ended knives which are “shaped to reduce and prevent injuries, accidents and fatalities.”

The knives were “repeatedly tested to ensure the tip does not pierce skin intentionally or otherwise,” the company told the Independent.

Data published by the Ministry of Justice yesterday shows that knife crime offenses in England and Wales have soared to the highest level in a decade.

26,364 offenses were recorded in the year to September 2019, which represents a 3% increase on last year and the highest number since 2009.

Attempts by the government to tackle the issue have been derided as “racist” by leftists and the media despite the fact that official statistics show 73% of offenders are from a black or ethnic minority background.

When an initiative was launched to put anti-stabbing messages on chicken takeaway boxes, the scheme was soon cancelled because it was seen as bigoted to assume that black people like to eat fried chicken (fact check; they do).

As I have documented, the knife crime problem in the UK and particularly London continues to get worse because the underlying causes are not being addressed.

– The scaling back of “stop and search” because it’s “racist”.
– The ongoing emasculation of UK police forces who are being trained that mean words and ‘hate crime’ is more important than people dying.
– Fatherless black homes.
– UK street gangs becoming more violent to compete with immigrants from countries like Congo and Somalia.
– The ongoing mass importation of people from violent countries in general.
– Drill rap music that encourages young people to commit murder.
– Political leaders like Sadiq Khan refusing to even admit there’s a problem to protect their own pathetic legacies.


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