UK: Gang Hacks Victim With Machetes, Hammers In Broad Daylight

A horrifying attack in Birmingham, England, was captured on video as a gang hacked a defenseless man with machetes and hammers on a sidewalk in broad daylight.

Footage reveals seven men swarming their victim on busy Trinity Road in Birmingham, slamming him to the pavement before ruthlessly battering him with huge blades, heavy tools, and kicks to the head.

West Midlands Police Force Response issued a strangely enthusiastic and self-congratulatory tweet punctuated with a 'shaka emoji' following the apprehension of two suspects in the brutal assault, also posting images of confiscated weapons.

"Fantastic teamwork by A Unit Newtown and [Aston Police] and the public (who called us initially), responding to a call of males brandishing a machete and hammers," police wrote. "Arrived quickly on scene and detained the males after a chase. 2 in custody!"

The video was originally shared by Alum Rock Community Forum on Facebook.

"Birmingham's madness once again," wrote the forum admin. "What is going on? When will it all stop?"

Just days ago, a 19-year-old man was the victim of a similar machete gang attack in Birmingham.

Violent crimes of many types are on the rise in the UK, with five stabbing murders in London last week alone, according to the Daily Mail.

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