UK Gangs Brag About Point System Against Stab Victims on YouTube

UK gangs are bragging about stabbing people on YouTube while celebrating the “score” they earn based on where the victim is penetrated.

Gang members utilize a violent and nihilistic rap subgenere called “Drill” music that depicts them celebrating their exploits with lyrics like “check the scoreboard” and "blood on my shank, might keep it."

"If a child in Slough (a London suburb) has suddenly found out about 'Scores,' he's found it through YouTube,” said ex-gang member Chris Preddie. “These Drill rappers have massive platforms to inform the minds of young people.”

“The bigger the crime the higher the points, the more and more you do something the more and more rep [reputation] you get, the more you get ranked up.”

The point breakdown is denoted by a literal scoreboard that gives 50 points for a stabbed head, 30 for a chest, 20 for a stomach, 10 for a leg, and 5 for an arm, according to a Sky News investigation.

So far, two deaths have been linked to gangs using these videos.

“In London, it’s normal - you wake up, have your breakfast and you stab someone," said ex-gangbanger Robert Brag. "We weren’t actually thinking about damaging a life, we [didn’t] think about killing you, obviously now we do.”  

“Back in my day, when I listened to Drill music, [I was ready to] act.”

This disturbing trend comes on the heals of several major British media outlets pushing to replace Mozart in schools' music curriculums with a rapper named ‘Stromzy’ to increase inclusivity and to “boost attendance of struggling students.”

A new study has exposed Big Tech's bias by revealing that YouTube's trending tab in the US is rigged.

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