UK Intercepts Five Boats Carrying Migrants Across English Channel

UK Border Force intercepted five vessels ferrying 80 illegal migrants across the English Channel from France in less than 48 hours.

A total of 849 migrants have reportedly been apprehended making the crossing this year, a large portion of whom claim to be Iranian.

"Eighty would-be migrants including several children have been stopped and rescued by border force officials in the last two days as warmer weather has encouraged more to attempt the dangerous Channel crossing," the Daily Mail reports.

“Twenty-five migrants made the perilous crossing overnight, with Border Force officers intercepting the first boat at around 4am and bringing it back to Dover. And 24 people - including four children - were intercepted at Winchelsea Beach, between Dogs Hill and Rye Harbour, East Sussex, this afternoon. It comes after 21 migrants were intercepted trying to get into the UK on Wednesday.”

Dover MP Charlie Elphicke blasted French officials for allowing the crisis to continue.

“Day by day there are more arrivals,” Elphicke said. “It’s clear it’s rapidly heading to a summer of chaos. Urgent action is needed by the Home Office and French authorities before there are more tragedies in the English Channel.”

“The best deterrent is that no migrants or trafficker should be able to succeed in breaking into Britain.”

Officials have been warning that illegal crossings would increase with warmer weather after a surge began in late 2018, as Infowars Europe has reported frequently.

"The sea is like a duck pond," predicted retired coastguard officer Andy Roberts in February. "This is going to carry on and on. There will be lots more to come. The weather is so great for them. It's a perfect time for them."

British authorities recently revealed that migrants have become so emboldened by the lack of disciplinary action being taken against illegal crossers, some are simply calling police from their boats to arrange pick-up.

"Illegal migrants are ringing police to collect them from boats in the Channel because they are so sure of avoiding being returned to their countries, MPs have been told," the London Times reported in March.

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