UK Judge Cancels Migrant Deportation Flight at Last Minute Over 'Human Rights' Concerns

A charter flight set to transport nearly 20 illegal migrants out of the United Kingdom was canceled by a judge just hours before departure after human rights claims were filed on behalf of some of the migrants, according to reports.

At least 18 migrants hailing mostly from the Middle East were due for deportation to Spain on Thursday, but a high court judge intervened, citing concerns they could be at risk of "indefinite street homelessness," as argued by attorneys for five of the 'asylum seekers.'

Migrants in Europe can be returned to other European nations if their passage through a prior country has been formally documented, as stipulated in the Dublin III Regulation.

“The legal challenge on behalf of five asylum seekers – four from Yemen and one from Syria – was launched last week after the Guardian revealed that 11 Syrian asylum seekers who arrived in the UK on small boats and were removed to Spain because they had been fingerprinted in that country were told to leave the airport in Madrid," the Guardian reports.

"They were not given the opportunity to advance their asylum claims on arrival in Spain. They were abandoned in the streets without food, water or shelter in temperatures of 32C."

Despite assurances from Spanish authorities that the migrants would be cared for in a satisfactory manner, Judge Duncan Ouseley reportedly ordered a hearing to further investigate the arrangements being made for aliens deported from the UK to Spain.

Conservative MP Sir John Hayes blasted the decision, asserting the easily-exploitable "system" must be reexamined.

"You've basically got a group of activist, bourgeois, liberal lawyers who are gaming the system by making vexatious claims at the last minute. We need primary legislation that allows right to be done.”

The United Kingdom is experiencing an unprecedent surge of migrants illegally crossing the English Channel, with thousands pouring across in the past two years, as Infowars Europe has regularly reported.

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