UK Plan to Fly Migrants to Albania Asylum Center Would Cost $135,000 Per Person

Officials in the United Kingdom are negotiating a deal that would see migrants flown to a reception center in Albania, according to reports.

Migrants who cross the English Channel would be relocated to a new asylum facility in the Balkan nation to await processing by the U.K. government.

British taxpayers would reportedly be on the hook for approximately $135,000 (£100,000) per migrant for transportation, accommodation, and care.

"Offshore processing is our best hope now, as nothing else is working," an anonymous official told The Times.

While officials have previously claimed rumors about the plan were untrue, a government source is now saying things are "looking good" for an agreement between London and Tirana.

More than 20,000 migrants have already crossed the English Channel so far this year, including nearly 1,200 during a single day last week - a new record.

The journey for many Channel migrants begins in small boats launched from French shores and is completed by Border Force who dutifully collect illegal aliens at sea and ferry them to port in England, where they are fed and loaded onto buses bound for the interior of the country.

Nearly $10,000 was spent on pizzas for migrants during a two-day span earlier this month.

Under the new arrangements, migrants would be moved to the Albania facility within seven days of arriving in the U.K.

French sporting goods store Decathlon has temporarily discontinued sales of canoes and kayaks in its stores in northwest France, saying small watercraft are being "diverted from their sporting use" and instead used as "boats to cross the Channel."

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