Police Arrest Terror Suspect After Mass Stabbing

A 40-year-old man has been charged with committing an act of terrorism after police say he embarked on a stabbing rampage at a U.K. mall, wounding five victims.

Armed with a "large knife," the suspect began "lunging and attacking people" at Arndale shopping center in Manchester before he was confronted by unarmed police community support officers, Greater Manchester Police's Assistant Chief Constable Russ Jackson explained during a press conference.

"He then chased them with the knife while they were calling for urgent assistance," said Jackson. "The man attacked people around him, and we understand five people were injured by him."

"Although the injuries are nasty, we are told that thankfully, none of them are life-threatening."

Video of the suspect's arrest was shared on social media by an eyewitness.

The suspect was originally held on suspicion of criminal assault, but was later re-arrested on suspicion of commission, preparation, and instigation of an act of terrorism, according to reports.

"I’d just gone for my morning coffee and was walking past Starbucks when I heard a woman scream," a witness told the Manchester Evening News. "I span around and saw this guy who had a knife in his hand."

"It looked like he had stabbed her back. There was blood pouring from her and she just fell to the floor."

A man in his 50s reportedly suffered the worst injuries during the attack.

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