UK Police Arrest Terrorism Suspects in London

The Met police carried out an operation to arrest three terrorist suspects in the east of the British capital, another man was detained in Leicestershire.

The police said that four men were arrested for “preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism” as part of a proactive investigation.

Three suspects were detained at two separate addresses in East London, with one more apprehended in Leicestershire.

Video on social media showed armed officers from the Counter Terrorism Command breaking into a home in Goodmayes and escorting two men outside.

“No shots were fired” during the operation, according to the law enforcers, but one man was bitten on the foot by a police dog and taken to hospital.

Witnesses told local media that loud bangs, which resembled gunshots, were heard.
The loud noises weren’t gunshots, but “part of distraction tactics used by officers,” a police spokesman clarified later.

The suspects were aged between 17 and 32, the police said, adding that the officers have been conducting searches at four locations in East London.

The neighbors at one of the addresses where the arrests were made told the UK media that they were “a little bit shaken” by what had happened.

They also said they didn’t know the inhabitants of the home, which the police raided, too well because “they don't speak very good English.” The locals added that it was a “mystery” for them, who actually lived in the house, due to people always coming and going.

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