UK Police May Change "Islamist Terrorism" to "Faith Claimed Terrorism"

Police in the UK say they are looking at dropping the term “Islamist terrorism” and replacing it with the term “faith-claimed terrorism” after lobbying from a Muslim organisation.

“The reform was requested by a Muslim police organisation that blamed the official use of “Islamist” and “jihadi” for negative perceptions and stereotypes, discrimination and Islamophobia,” reports the London Times.

According to the report, the issue was discussed last month by Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, the national head of counterterrorism policing, during an online event which involved survivors, academics and advocacy groups.

The terms “terrorists abusing religious motivations” and “adherents of Osama bin Laden’s ideology” were also suggested as replacements for “Islamist terrorism,” while the word “jihadis” may also be dropped entirely.

Respondents on Twitter complained that changing the term was just a flagrant attempt to hide the reality of the foremost ideology driving terrorism.

“So despite it being an accurate portrayal of the perpetrators, due to the vast P.C. tsunami rushing up the beach they’re thinking of muddying the waters! Time to realize that not absolutely everything is said with a vicious bias these days,” remarked one.

“Political correctness WILL NOT solve these kind of problems,” added another.

“Why don’t the police just get on with their job and stop getting involved with political correctness,” said another.


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