UK Streaming Platform Censors “Homophobic” Line in 2002 Spiderman Movie

UK streaming platform ITV Player has censored a “homophobic” line from the 2002 Spiderman movie, in yet another example of older content being run through modern politically correct purity tests.

The line occurs when Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman is facing off against Bonesaw.

Spiderman says, “That’s a cute outfit. Did your husband give it to you?”

In the newly censored version, the line is reduced to, “That’s a cute outfit,” rendering the scene confusing and meaningless.

“They removed Peter Parker’s homophobia,” wrote one Twitter user who noticed the change and recorded it.

The original clip can be seen below.

This is just the latest example of cultural censors memory-holing historical content in order to conform to today’s hysterical standards of political correctness.

During the height of the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots, UK broadcaster Sky also tagged numerous movies, some little over a decade old, with a message warning viewers that they might be offensive.

“This film has outdated attitudes, language and cultural depictions which may cause offence today,” stated the trigger warning.

During the same year, PBS removed Gone With the Wind from its platform, in the process erasing the first black female actress to win an Oscar, while the BBC also announced it was removing Little Britain from its schedule despite the fact that the TV comedy series satirizes every demographic, often highlighting small minded attitudes of bigots.

Last year, NBC also announced that it was scanning 17,000 hours of past WWE content to weed out “racist” material in order to avoid it appearing on the network’s new Peacock streaming device.

Iconic books are also being re-written to reflect ‘modern attitudes’, including George Orwell’s 1984.

Ideological purity tests for art and culture. The Ministry of Truth would be proud.


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