UK Subway Employee Ambushed by Gang Over 'Out of Order' Toilet

A 21-year-old Subway employee was ambushed and brutally beaten by a teen gang in the UK after he told them the restroom was out of order, according to reports.

Sandwich artist Ben Pearson says four teens, at least one of whom he identified as Somalian, entered his restaurant in Milton Keynes, outside London, and sat down without purchasing anything, eventually asking to use the bathroom.

Pearson says he informed them the toilet was out of order, but directed them to a nearby public restroom.

Shortly after, Pearson says he was leaving his workplace when he was ambushed by the teens, who beat him unconscious and possibly slashed his face with a blade.

"I tried to be helpful and told them there were public toilets nearby. But as I left the shop at the end of my shift they set upon me," Pearson told local media.

"When I came round they were still kicking me. I thought they'd never stop. It seemed to go on forever and there was nothing I could do."

Police are still seeking suspects in the attack.

The Milton Keynes Citizen describes Pearson's attackers as being no more than 16-years-old.

"One of the two boys was Somalian and wore a navy Puma track suit and Timberland boots," reports the Citizen. "The other was mixed race and wore a black band around his head."

Pearson sustained heavy damage to his face and is still suffering from blurred eyesight. Doctors say recovery will take at least a month, and he is currently unable to work.

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