UK University Says Complaining About Everything Becoming a Race Issue is a Racist Microaggression

The University of Sheffield in the UK is to pay its own students to patrol thought crimes, one of which is the common complaint that everything is becoming a race issue, which the university considers to be a racist microaggression.

Checkmate, bigots.

“A university is to hire 20 of its own students to challenge language on campus that could be seen as racist,” reports the BBC. “The University of Sheffield is to pay students to tackle so-called “microaggressions” – which it describes as “subtle but offensive comments.”

According to the university, examples of these microaggressions include;

– “Stop making everything a race issue”
– “Why are you searching for things to be offended about?”
– “Where are you really from?”
– “I don’t want to hear about your holiday to South Africa. It’s nowhere near where I’m from”
– “Being compared to black celebrities that I look nothing like”

In other words, pointing out that people play the race card to avoid having to defend their opinions and that ‘offense’ culture is out of control is now itself a subtle form of racism.

You’ve got to hand it to them; Not only have they seized control of language, they’ve also banned your ability to question why they’re doing so.

“Sheffield University is paying students to spy on their peers and report any “microaggressions,” comments Andrew Doyle. “One example they give is “Why are you searching for things to be offended about?” Given this sinister Stasi-like initiative, that’s a very good question.”


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