UKIP Leader Blasts UN Agenda to Flood West With 'Never-Ending Millions of Migrants'

Gerard Batten, the current head of UKIP, unleashed a scathing rebuke of the UN's agenda to continue flooding the West with a limitless "invasion" of third world migrants, calling it an "unprecedented exercise in social engineering."

Addressing the Parliament in Strasbourg, France, Batten rebuked EU globalists for colluding with the UN to destroy Europe via open borders and suicidal immigration policies.

"The United Nations wants an international compact on migration to cover what it calls, 'all dimensions of international migration in a holistic and comprehensive manner,'" Batten said. "Let's be clear what the compact is all about: it is an illegal migrants charter. Its purpose is to make illegal migration 'legal,' and to facilitate it in greater numbers."

"The United Nations includes many countries that are deeply corrupt, politically and financially. They cannot provide their citizens with anything resembling democratic and prosperous societies protected by the rule of law, impartially applied - but the one thing that they can provide is more people, millions of whom want to flee their homelands, and who can blame them?"

"The global compact is part of the intention of a global political elite to flood Europe and Western nations with never-ending millions of migrants from Africa, the Middle East, and beyond," Batten asserted. "It is their intention to change the continent of Europe into something else, in terms of its existing populations, culture, and civilization."

Batten warned that, while the compact is currently being presented as a 'non-legally binding document,' if enough nations opt in, it could easily become de facto international law. He also insisted that every sovereign nation should have control over its immigration policies without pressure or punishment from global 'governing' bodies.

"What we are seeing in Europe now can only be described as invasion and settlement," Batten continued. "It has nothing to do with immigration policy, but is an unprecedented exercise in social engineering in pursuit of an ideological goal."

"If European nations need a global compact on migration, it is one for international cooperation to protect our borders and control immigration - not one to make the current situation worse."

Batten's statement comes concurrently with French President Emmanuel Macron's declaration that the destinies of Europe and Africa are inseparable, citing predictions of 150-200 million Africans swarming the European continent over the next 30 years as an inevitability that must be allowed.

Reporting on Macron's comments, Le Figaro calls the 'most optimistic scenario' one where Europe effectively becomes North Africa - or 'EurAfrica' - a place where Europeans tacitly accept their replacement population and ‘embrace generalized inbreeding.'

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