UN Chief Claims Europe Migrant Crisis ‘Does Not Exist'

The political debate on the migrant crisis is “distorted," and Europe has become “obsessed” with a migrant crisis that “does not exist,” according to the United Nations refugee chief.

“As the United Nations High Commissioner (for refugees), I cannot support a proposal that would deprive people of the right to seek asylum in Europe. There are people who have very pressing reasons for asking for protection in EU nations,” Filippo Grandi told German press last week.

He added that the mass influx of migrants coming to Europe has been "a source of progress and prosperity since people first began to migrate."

In reality, the globalist-backed mass migration of millions into Europe since 2015 has created cascading social and cultural blowback, including high rates of crime and a breakdown of law and order.

But according to Grandi, any problems from migration stem from intolerant Europeans.

"The constant problematisation of migration fuels an atmosphere of fear and sometimes even hostility, which is very dangerous and results in a vicious circle where the heated mood strengthens migration opponents, which in turn makes finding solutions (to illegal immigration by boat) difficult," he said.

Photo credits: Carsten Koall/Getty Images

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