UN, Mastercard Supplying Migrants With Prepaid Bank Cards

Migrants are receiving prepaid bank cards backed by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), according to reports.

Clues to answering questions about how some migrants sustain themselves during lengthy journeys from their homelands to their destinations have been unearthed by Slovenian outlet Nova24.

“Social network users have warned us that illegal immigrants are financing their lifestyle while waiting in Bosnia and Herzegovina to continue their journey towards Western Europe, with the help of bank cards of the Mastercard brand bearing logos of the European Union and United Nations Refugee Agency,” Nova24 reports.

Nova24 cites an anonymous Croatian police officer who recently divulged that some migrants carry Mastercards that bear no names.

“The migrants we catch and return back in a few days or weeks are again trying to break into Croatia,” the officer said. “Some of them are really poor, but many are well-equipped: they have new footwear, new clothes, sophisticated smartphones, weapons, and some have also been found with Mastercard bank cards without name, they are just numbers. They withdraw money at ATMs, but we do not know who pays them.”

Mastercard announced in 2016 that they were issuing prepaid debit cards to “provide refugees with mobility, flexibility and dignity.”

Additionally, Mastercard issued a press release in 2017 publicizing the launch of a partnership program with George Soros called “Humanity Ventures,” which aimed to “catalyze and accelerate economic and social development for vulnerable communities around the world, especially refugees and migrants.”

“George Soros announced that he is earmarking up to $500 million for private investments that will improve capacity to address the challenges that migrants, including refugees, and their host communities face around the world. Humanity Ventures would be part of that initiative,” Mastercard revealed in the release.

“Mastercard delivers innovative payments, data, and identity solutions which empower the underserved all over the world. These tools improve the lives of refugees and migrants by forging better economic and social ties with local populations.”

TV director Ninoslav Vucetic recently shared an image of a Mastercard bearing the logos of the EU and UNHCR in a tweet directed at a Montenegran government official.

“Bank cards are also evidence of how the EU is destroying European culture?” Vucetic wrote. “Inviting them with money to cause violence? Who gives migrants such a bank card in order to access cash, without the first and last names?”

The image shared by Vucetic also appears in various reports from the UNHCR detailing how they are providing aid to migrants in Greece.

Hungarian officials are now warning that roughly 70,000 migrants have gathered in the Balkans, where they are preparing to force their way onward into Western Europe via the “Soros Express.”

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