Under 20 Percent of Non-European Illegals Obey Deportation Orders

Fewer than one in five illegal aliens from outside Europe obey legal orders to leave the European Union, according to a new report.

The European Court of Auditors conducted a review of data collected for more than a decade and found that just 19% of non-European 'irregular migrants' facing deportation orders actually leave or are removed.

"The inefficiencies of the EU returns system act as an incentive for irregular migration," the report states. "Since 2008, an average of around 500 000 foreign nationals per year have been ordered to leave the EU because they had entered it, or were staying, without authorisation."

"However, only one third of them have actually returned to a third country (29% in 2019). This 'effective return rate' drops below 20% for returns to countries outside the European continent. Actual returns are split more or less equally between voluntary and enforced returns."

A variety of roadblocks can make the removal of illegal migrants from E.U. countries a difficult task, particularly where there is little political will to do.

In one recent case, a Tunisian man suspected of intentionally damaging at least 38 cars in Belgium was released by police and ordered to leave the country - but could not do so due to coronavirus-related travel restrictions.

The Belgian Immigration Office recently revealed that just 8.5 percent of migrants ordered to exit the country actually do.

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