Sweden Demands More Migrants to Increase “Skills Supply”

Swedish officials are demanding even more migrants because recent immigrants lack “proper qualifications” for the Swedish labor market.

“Despite enormous high immigration to Sweden, the country lacks the right skills,” reported Fria Tider. “Now the government wants to solve it – with even more immigration.”

The government believes an increase will strengthen the “Swedish skill supply,” according to its web site.

“The number of highly skilled labor immigrants in occupations where there is a shortage of the Swedish labor market has risen continuously in recent years,” says Minister for Migration Heléne Fritzon.

Fritzon hopes that a recent shortage of IT professionals can be filled by new migrants.

Reading between the lines, it’s likely the government is hoping that a new wave of highly skilled migrants would counteract the social services burden caused by currently unemployed immigrants.

Additionally, the birth rate by non-immigrant Swedes is apparently under two babies per woman, which indicates that Sweden’s “open borders” policy is motivated in part by the need to prop up the country’s “Nordic social democracy” which funds a comprehensive welfare state.

(Photo: Bloomberg / Getty)

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