Vast Majority of Brits Want Government That Made a Mockery of Lockdown to Impose More Lockdown Rules on Them

A new poll shows that the vast majority of Brits want the same government that just made a mockery out of lockdown rules to impose more lockdown rules on them.

Yes, really.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced new restrictions in the name of fighting the Omicron variant, which has killed precisely zero people on the planet.

These include more mask mandates, work from home orders and COVID passports for large events.

The new measures were imposed after the government was caught violating its own rules by hosting several Christmas parties last year when the rest of the country was in lockdown and had to cancel their Christmas.

However, illustrating how much of the public has developed some bizarre form of COVID battered wives syndrome, a poll showed that the vast majority of them supported the new restrictions.

A ComRes poll found that 69% support vaccine passports, compared to just 10% who oppose the scheme, despite the fact that the UK government’s own study found that vaccine passports don’t won’t.

74% also support working from home rules despite this having proven to cause massive economic damage.

In other words, the same people irate at the government for abusing their power, want to give that same government more power to abuse.

People also appear to be more furious at the government for organizing a festive piss up than at the myriad of incredibly damaging consequences lockdown, which they vehemently supported, has had on society.

Keep complying, idiots.


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