Vehicles Vandalized, Pig's Head Spiked at Police HQ in France

Vandals defiled and destroyed law enforcement vehicles in a parking lot at a police headquarters in France this week, according to reports indicating a pig's head was also found mounted upon a stake.

Around a dozen cars and vans were defaced, with at least one flipped over in Rungis, a commune in the Paris suburbs, during the overnight hours between Sunday and Monday.

Perpetrators cut through a fence leading into the lot, say authorities, who also found a pig's head spiked on a broomstick and the word 'pig' scrawled on one of the vehicles.

"The damage is zero but the fact remains that this anti-cop act is unacceptable," a police source told Actu 17.

"The latest work of art of a crazy artist? No, simply the flouting of authority that expresses itself in a context of daily anti-cop hatred that is becoming commonplace," the Alliance police union wrote on social media along with photos of the damage.

Just days ago, a female police officer was stabbed to death by a Tunisian jihadist in broad daylight a police station in Rambouillet, a commune in the Yvelines district lying less than 35 miles from Rungis.

Attacks on police have become commonplace in France, as Infowars Europe frequently reports.

A mass awakening is the greatest threat to the criminal cabal’s power.

(PHOTO: Alliance Police Nationale / Facebook)

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