Video: Police Removed Protection From Churchill Statue, Allowing it to be Vandalized

Video footage out of London shows how the police deliberately removed a group of young men protecting the statue of Winston Churchill, allowing it to be defaced by the mob.

The statue of Britain’s iconic war leader was vandalized by Black Lives Matter thugs yesterday, with Churchill’s name crossed out and replaced with graffiti that read “was a racist.”

Video footage shows that a group of young men arrived before the statue was defaced to form a protective circle around it.

“Protesters” reacted by chanting that Churchill was racist.

A couple of hours later, the men protecting the statue were seen being deliberately removed by police.

Within an hour, the statue had been vandalized by the mob, with police doing nothing to intervene.

Later in the day, a man wearing a flat cap walked up to the statue and removed BLM signs that had been placed there.

He was then targeted by the mob, who screeched “racist,” and the police immediately began following him, presumably to remove him from the area.

This all happened despite the fact that numerous police officers were chased, had objects thrown at them and were attacked by the mob throughout the evening.

Meanwhile, in Bristol another statue was pulled down and dumped in the river by a screeching mob of primarily white middle class people.

Police later said they made a “tactical decision” to allow the mob to take it down.

Another protester in London also tried to set the British flag on fire.


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