VIDEO: 'We Will End European Culture & Bloodlines,' Migrant Boasts

A self-professed African migrant laughingly boasted that "stupid" Europeans are funding the end of their own civilization in a video posted to social media.

According to a man in a video picked up by Slovenian media, he was preparing to embark from Africa to join in the "noble conquest" of Europe, where European men allow migrants to "rape their daughters or wives" rather than risk being called racist.

He declared the thing he looked forward to the most was the "destruction of European womanhood" and the "end of Europe's culture and... every single European bloodline forever."

A full transcription of the man's shocking manifesto reads as follows:

As you know, I have everything arranged and I am about to leave to Europe like almost every man from Africa. I'll be going.

It's important you learn the right lies to say in order to gain asylum status in Europe. Just Google them. They are very simple.

Going to Europe, it feels that it's more than just bettering my life. It's about conquest and noble conquest.

We are taking Europe from the European, and they are too stupid to ever fight back -- and if they do, just call them "racist" or "Nazi," and they back down like cowards.

They would rather you rape their daughters or wives than be called a Nazi.

They cut off their own balls before growing some to stand up to you.

The Holocaust means "death by fire." Me and a lot of my friends are calling this the Holoc.

We are going to end Europe's culture, and more importantly, every single European bloodline forever, and they're going to pay us to do it -- our food, healthcare and housing, and they look forward to giving us all of this.

They're going to pay us to conquer them, to take their land.

The thing I look forward to the most is the destruction of European womanhood.

White women are the best looking women -- blonde hair, red hair, blue eyes, green eyes, so pretty.

When we give them a child, we end their European bloodline forever.

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