Watch: Antifa Descends on Office of Germany's AfD Party

Antifa and fellow left-wing activists attempted to storm a local office of the political party Alternative For Germany (AfD) before they were beaten back by police, according to reports.

An organized rally conducted under the moniker "Against Racism and Anti-Semitism - For a colorful, cosmopolitan Rosenheim: Away with the AfD office" devolved into chaos and officials are now investigating 'breach of the peace' charges after activists deviated from a pre-approved march route to descend upon an AfD office in Rosenheim.

"Contrary to the legal restrictions, the attendees in front of the AFD's bureau departed from their prescribed route and tried to move directly to the AFD office," police said in a press release. "The police pushed the group away and were approached by some of the participants, some of whom used wooden sticks to beat officials. An official was slightly injured in the face. The officials then used a multipurpose baton."

"From the point of view of the police chief of operations . . . it was only through rapid and consistent intervention that it was possible to prevent persons being injured or property being damaged."

Organizers of the march have offered their own statement on the melee, calling their demonstration "peaceful" and blasting law enforcement for their use of force, PI News reports.

"Participants of our peaceful demonstration beaten were beaten by police at the office of the AfD . . . including with telescopic batons. We strongly condemn this police violence."

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