WATCH: Chemnitz Locals Blast German Officials, Media at Heated Town Hall

Locals from around Chemnitz, Germany, slammed mainstream media and politicians who have smeared anti-mass migration protesters as "Nazis" and "far-right extremists" during a heated town hall.

Present at the meeting, which was aired live by NTV, were Chemnitz mayor Barbara Ludwig and Saxony's minister-president Michael Kretschmer.

One after another, residents voiced their frustration with the radical transformation of their city by mass migration, the negative effects of which have pushed the citizenry to the boiling point after the death of Daniel Hillig, who is suspected to have been killed by Iraqi and Syrian migrants.

“I’m sick of the fact that when Germans dare to say a non-German committed a crime, they are immediately condemned as Nazis or ring-wing extremists,” said a woman who identified herself as a nurse, according to a translation.

After pointing out that both the mayor's and minister’s salaries are funded by German taxpayers, she blasted the government for diverting billions of tax dollars and much of its attention to migrants, while basic amenities are becoming less accessible to native Germans.

“That’s why you have to understand why people are taking to the streets now,” she said. “I was in the middle of the demonstrators, they were people like you and me... they are kindergarten teachers, doctors, lawyers; these are all people who work in normal jobs, who care about Chemnitz, who are worried and say they refuse to let their city be taken over.”

“We want to go into the city without fear.”

She went on to contradict the media’s portrayal that "made it look like a civil war had broken out” in Chemnitz, asserting that at no time did she feel unsafe during demonstrations and that the press was highlighting a small fringe element which had exploited the protest for nefarious purposes, such as performing Nazi salutes on camera.

“I would give you politicians some advice: Please stop speaking in half-truths, this drives people into the wrong camps. Honesty should be on your agenda,” the nurse said directly to Minister Kretschmer. “And the journalism - I’m not sure who is directing it, but there is no objectivity in the reporting anymore.”

A gentleman who identified himself as "Knupf" certified the nurse's claims, saying, "the media coverage has been a catastrophe."

"My sister called me from England. She thought we had all turned into fascist, racist hordes that march through Chemnitz and hunt foreigners."

Mr. Knupf argued that concerned, decent Germans are consistently smeared as "Nazis and racists" any time they peacefully and legally express their frustrations with the direction of their country – particularly when they present a united front, citing the PEGIDA movement and Alternative for Germany party as examples.

He said that a slander-and-silence technique gradually pushes the option for rational debate off the table.

"We can't say that normal citizens who were showing their dissatisfaction are all Nazis," Knupf said. "The 'raging citizens' had something to say; none of it was taken seriously."

Mr. Knupf concluded by slamming Mayor Ludwig for the adversarial position she has taken with a large segment of her constituency in the past week.

"The fact that you did not defend the citizens of Chemnitz is insulting," Knupf said, standing just inches from Ludwig. "Many in this city are resentful of this fact. They really resent it."

Mayor Ludwig has issued a "state of emergency" for Chemnitz, openly signaling to leftists to stand up against the "right-wing" to protect the liberal establishment.

"I’m convinced that it’ll mobilize forces as we see today that very clearly show that we won’t allow for the right and right-wing thinking to undermine the state," Ludwig said.

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