WATCH: Farage Unloads at EU "Show Trial" of Hungary PM

Brexit architect Nigel Farage unleashed a blistering defense of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at EU Parliament, comparing EU authoritarianism to the USSR.

Farage accused the EU of subjecting Orbán to a "show trial," recalling "dark memories" from the Soviet era ahead of a Parliament vote on whether to punish Hungary over the domestic policies of Orbán's highly popular administration.

"Thank God there's at least one European leader prepared to stand up for his principles, his nation, his culture and his people in the face of such extreme bullying," Farage began, directing his entire address squarely at PM Orbán.

"The commissar that comes from the unelected government has the audacity to lecture you on democracy," Farage railed, referencing European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans. "The fact that you have 50 percent of the vote in your country and that no one has ever voted for Timmermans – or can't remove him – seems to have passed him by."

"What is really happening here, Mr. Orbán, is they're just updating the Brezhnev Doctrine of limited sovereignty. There's no point pretending that in this Union you're independent; there's no point pretending you can run your own country."

Farage asserted that the EU seeks to punish Hungary because Orbán's administration has taken up an offensive position against unbridled migration from the Third World and the subversive activities of George Soros, whom Farage estimates has "poured 15 billion dollars, all over the world, in trying to break down the nation states, to get rid of our traditional forms of democracy," and also heavily funds efforts to increase mass population transfer.

In conclusion, Farage urged Hungary to join the UK in its quest to abandon the EU all together.

"Mr. Orbán, you keep saying you want to stay a member of this European Union, but it's not just your country that has been insulted today – you've been insulted today," Farage declared. "Time to be more logical; come and join the Brexit club. You'll love it."

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