Watch: French City Rocked by Firefight Between Rival Gangs

A furious gun battle erupted in the streets of Montpellier, France, as rival gangs dueled in broad daylight, according to reports.

At least one person was hospitalized following the firefight, which occurred outside the Tower Assas in the Mosson district of the city.

Masked men dressed in black can be seen engaging each other as volleys are discharged from handguns and rifles, some of which sound like full-auto bursts.

“These war scenes do not take place in Baghdad, but in Montpellier,” wrote Marine Le Pen, France’s populist figurehead. “The security situation will remain out of control as long as the government does not disarm the suburbs and dry up trafficking.”

“Enough of the short-lived chin strokes: take action.”

Specialized anti-terrorism troops were deployed to aid local and national police in bringing the situation under control, RTL reports.

Authorities claim the battle stemmed from two rival gangs 'settling scores.'

One person was admitted to hospital and placed under police custody.

A video shared by FranceNews24 purports to show a man injured during the shooting.

France has been under siege from jihadists in recent weeks, with a series of successful and foiled terror attacks unfolding during the month October.

Additionally, ethnic clashes between rival groups have become commonplace, as in Bordeaux, where dozens of Kurds and North Africans engaged in armed conflict, and in Dijon, where hundrds Chechens and North Africans turned the city into a war zone during days of violence.

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