Watch: Hundreds of African Migrants Storm Spanish City

Hundreds of African males forced their way into the Spanish enclave of Melilla on Thursday morning, according to reports.

More than 230 illegal aliens successfully reached European soil in the latest siege of the autonomous city, one of two controlled by Spain on the African continent.

Video footage of the blitz shot from the Moroccan side of the border was shared on social media.

Men using hooks and wearing shoes fitted with screws scaled the border fence en masse, overwhelming Spanish security forces.

At least 238 sub-Saharan Africans entered Melilla, but some sources indicate the number could be much higher.

Three Spanish officers and at least 17 migrants were reportedly injured during the early morning melee.

African migrants apply constant pressure to the borders of Spain’s autonomous cities of Melilla and Ceuta.

Large groups of illegal aliens frequently attempt to rush border fences surrounding the enclaves in hopes of reaching Spanish soil and eventually being moved to the European continent.

Approximately 10,000 migrants stormed into Ceuta in the span of mere hours during a historic border siege in May.

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(PHOTO: Screenshot / Twitter / Onda Cero Melilla)

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