WATCH: Hundreds of Migrants Storm Croatian Border Shouting “Allahu Akbar”

Approximately 200 migrants attempted to force their way into Croatia but were turned back by security forces in a tense standoff.

Video of the showdown depicts a mostly-male group endeavoring to cross a small creek from Velika Kladusa, Bosnia, onto EU soil while shouting “Allahu akbar,” and “No Croatia, Germany,” implying that their intended final destination was much deeper into Europe.

Police in riot gear were forced to deploy tear gas to repel the advancing crowd, who eventually gave up after a full day of conflict, according to Krone.

The report was shared on social media by Austrian Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache, who wrote, “Hundreds of illegal migrants try to storm the border in Croatia and call 'Allahu Akbar.' All of this takes place a few hundred kilometres away from the Austrian border, and shows how dramatic the situation is.”

“We will secure our domestic borders with all available means and protect the Austrians!”

At a summit on migration this weekend in Brussels, Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković called for stricter EU border control policies, asserting that additional European funding should be directed to Croatia to help battle another growing crisis in the Balkans.

As Infowars Europe has been regularly reporting, the Balkan Peninsula is experiencing its biggest surge of migrants since hundreds of thousands passed through the “Balkans route” in 2015 - and the trend is growing.

According to Austrian interior minister Peter Webinger, migrants are being assisted in their journey north by a network of mosques in Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which are offering them aid and shelter as they make their way towards Croatia and the EU beyond.

EU member states Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, and Austria have all been making preparations to fend off as many as 80,000 migrants as they continue to pour onto the continent through Greece and Turkey before moving north.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has vowed to seal its borders with Serbia and Montenegro if Austria closes its border with Slovenia, which could create an unprecedented domino effect in the region.

Austrian and Danish leadership have confirmed that they, along with a small handful of allies, are working on a plan to build migrant detention centers outside the EU, possibly in Albania.

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