Watch: Hundreds of Thousands Protest COVID Tyranny Across Europe

Hundreds of thousands of Europeans gathered in cities and towns across the continent to protest against the draconian medical tyranny in place for the past year.

Demanding an end to forced business closures, restrictions of movement, and masking and social distancing mandates, citizens and residents of Europe gathered and marched in some of the largest freedom rallies since the start of the 'coronavirus crisis.'

Demonstrators also voiced their opposition to potential mandatory injections and 'COVID passports' which are being increasingly promoted by governments around the world.

Videos and photos purportedly shot at 'World Wide Freedom Rallies' in a variety of locations in Europe were shared on social media.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Brussels, Belgium

Kassel, Germany

Bucharest, Romania

Helsinki, Finland

Liestal, Switzerland

London, England

Dublin, Ireland


Vienna, Austria

Warsaw, Poland

Belgrade, Serbia


Thought criminal Chris Sky joins The Alex Jones Show to break down what people should expect from the growing global medical tyranny after dodging an illegal arrest because he spoke out.

(PHOTO: Matthew Chattle/Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

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