WATCH: Man Wielding Medieval Weapon Faces Off With Brussels Police

A suspect wielding a club studded with nails was arrested following a tense standoff with police in Belgium this week, according to reports.

The wild incident unfolded at around noon on Thursday in Brussels, the de facto capital of the European Union.

Officers encountered the male suspect during a patrol in Matongewijk, a neighborhood known as the "African quarter" of the city.

The man was behaving erratically and refused orders to drop a "homemade bat with nails tied around it," Bruzz reports.

Footage of the chaotic scene was shared on social media by multiple prominent officials in the nationalist-populist Vlaams Belang party.

"Hallucinatory images from yesterday from the Matongewijk in Brussel. We see the so-called 'enrichment' of the multicultural society in action..." wrote Belgian MP Tom Van Grieken.

"Could it be that the 'rising right-wing extremism among young people' reported today stems from the immigration hell that politicians have created?" asked Flemish MP Sam van Rooy. "To the malicious: this is an analytical question, not an excuse!"

The busy thoroughfare of Waversesteenweg was temporarily closed in the vicinity of the disturbance while a large contingent of armed officers squared off with the suspect.

After he was bombarded with pepper spray, bystanders managed to knock the weapon out of his hand and he was subsequently apprehended.

No injuries were reported following the melee.

"The more generous a country is with its social security and the more it opens its borders, the more violence is imported," MP van Rooy told Infowars Europe. "Brussels has become a hellhole after decades of mass immigration and soft policies towards so called diversity and Islam."  

"In Belgium, terrorists, criminals, and street thugs are hardly punished."

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