Watch: Migrant Damages Car of Woman Who Refused to Give Him Money

A Moroccan migrant was arrested and quickly released after he badly damaged the car of woman who had refused to give him money and assaulted a bystander, according to reports.

Footage of the incident was shared to social media by Rubén Pulido, head spokesman for top nationalist-populist party VOX.

"A few minutes ago, in Aguadulce (Almería, Spain)," Pulido wrote on Thursday.

"Cultural enrichment due to the refusal, by the vehicle owner, to give a tip for the 'parking service.'"

In the video, the suspect can be seen aggressively kicking the parked vehicle from many angles, denting the body and knocking off both side mirrors.

"What are you doing?" a woman shouts at him.

After mangling the first car, the man violently slaps the window of another vehicle before approaching the woman filming him and assaulting her.

The man was arrested by Spanish police, but reportedly released just hours later.

"Almería is, after the Canary Islands, the Spanish region most affected by illegal immigration," OK Diario reports. "The National Police and the Civil Guard, especially from their unions, have long been warning of the 'avalanche' of immigrants that is hitting the area, reaching levels of about 200 immigrants per week."

More than 8,000 illegal migrants arrived in Spain's Canary Islands during the month of November, as Infowars Europe recently reported.

Detention centers on the Spanish mainland have become so overwhelmed by illegal aliens arriving via the Canaries, they are reportedly being released shortly after landing.

The pathetic radical left is attacking us with shallow virtue signaling and shaming.

(PHOTO: Screenshots / Twitter)

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