Watch: Migrants Found Hiding In Trash, Toxic Ash Bound for Europe

Spanish authorities recently discovered migrants hiding in garbage containers bound for Europe from Africa, according to reports.

Video footage released by the Guardia Civil shows inspectors digging through large shipping receptacles at the port of Melilla, a Spanish enclave on the African continent.

Four men had embedded themselves in a pile of glass recyclables and assorted trash.

Another migrant was found zipped in a bag of toxic ash from the city’s incineration plant.

An officer cut the bag open and checked for signs that the man inside was alive.

The man can be seen cocking a fist at the inspector, apparently disoriented but combative.

“The survivor was among 41 people found hiding amid cargo in Melilla’s port area on Friday, attempting to sneak aboard a ship that would take them across the Mediterranean Sea to mainland Spain,” the Associated Press reports.

Authorities say the majority of the illegal aliens captured on Friday were of Moroccan origin.

More than 11,700 migrants penetrated the security perimeter at Melilla’s port in 2020, and nearly 1,800 have already been caught so far in 2021.

African migrants apply constant pressure to the borders of Spain’s autonomous cities of Melilla and Ceuta.

Large groups of illegal aliens frequently attempt to storm border fences surrounding the enclaves in hopes of reaching Spanish soil and eventually being moved to the European continent.

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(PHOTO: Screenshots / Guardia Civil)

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