WATCH: Muslims Erupt at Journo Filming 'Street Prayers' In Munich

German police were forced to intervene when a large mob became enraged at a journalist filming their Islamic prayer session in a public square in Munich.

A group of Muslims holding 'street prayers' in a busy pedestrian zone attracted the attention of journalist Michael Stürzenberger.

Police were already monitoring the scene, which quickly grew heated as men menaced Stürzenberger, yelling "allahu akbar" and demanding he stop filming.

One man can be seen ordering Stürzenberger to "get out" while calling him "kafir," an Arabic slur for "infidel." Islamic scholar Bill Warner asserts that "kafir" is "the worst word in any language."

Multiple men and women confronted Stürzenberger before being led away by associates while police expanded their efforts to keep the peace.

"Why is he still here?" one angry woman asked officers. "This is incitement of hatred against a minority."

"First it is praying in public, then come pressure and violence - then the Sharia is implemented," Stürzenberger can be heard commenting to someone standing nearby.

H/T to Vlad Tepes blog for English subtitles in video.

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