Watch: Police Thwart Rush Against Danish Politician in Migrant Neighborhood

Danish police thwarted three masked men charging a politician during his visit to a migrant-dense district, newly-released footage reveals.

Rasmus Paludan, leader of the migrant-critical Stram Kurs party, was evacuated immediately from the unprecedented incident, according to police on the scene.

“This is the first time in Danish history the police were forced to pull firearms to protect a politician,” said police.

The harrowing footage, by Strom Kurs (Danish for “Hard Line”), shows police escorting Paludan to a vehicle immediately after the chaos began while shouting at the assailants “stop, stop, stop, pull away!”

Paludan had been holding an outdoor meeting with locals that was being disrupted by a man playing loud music from his car, prompting Paludan to attempt to relocate, that’s when he left the protected police barrier.

“I said that then I would just go for a walk in the area instead, simply to avoid getting music in my head,” said Paludan. “ I only reached ten meters before there were three that came running towards me.”

Paludan made international news in May during a debate where he rocked traditional political discourse by saying Danes were “becoming a minority in their own country.”

“The great replacement, denotes that Muslims, who don’t belong here, marry very early and get a lot of children, Danes marry late and get very few children,” said Paludan. “[Danish PM Rasmussen] has not understood what is happening before his very eyes….if these conditions continue, Danes are en route to becoming a minority in their own country.”

“And that won’t be fun for you or me!”

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