Watch: Teen Chased Through Park by Crazed German Police for 'Violating COVID Rules'

A teenager was hunted down by out-of-control German police officers attempting to enforce 'COVID rules' in a park in Hamburg last week, according to reports.

Wild footage from a chase through Jenischpark in the suburb of Othmarschen shows a 17-year-old fleeing from cops careening across a field in a police wagon as more officers pursue on foot.

The patrol vehicle can be seen spinning wildly as it almost hits two running officers before striking an obstruction and nearly crashing into the teen 'fugitive.'

Authorities had reportedly responded to calls about people socializing in the park, where face masks are now mandatory.

"Early that evening they noticed this 17-year-old hugging friends, clapping with them and not wearing a mask. They want to check him for these violations of the corona rules," Bild reports.

"While they are still talking to him, he escapes and triggers the chase, which is recorded and distributed by other park visitors with their smartphones."

The young man fled across a bridge but was eventually captured.

He now faces a fine of at least 150 euros (~$180).

“We will review this mission again with our colleagues, and also check whether there were uncontrollable risks," said a police spokesman about the incident.

"We will also check whether the damage to the patrol car could have been avoided."

Hamburg recently expanded COVID rules in the city, mandating that masks must be worn in many public parks - even by joggers and cyclists.

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