Watch: Thousands of Violent Migrants Swarm Spanish Enclave in Africa

Spanish and Moroccan forces battled more than 2,000 migrants who stormed the city of Melilla on the African continent on Friday, according to reports.

The autonomous Spanish enclave, which shares a border with Morocco, was the target of an organized invasion mission by thousands of mostly sub-Saharan migrants.

A "significant number" of the migrants managed to reach European soil, authorities say.

"Despite the broad security apparatus of the Moroccan forces, which actively collaborated and coordinated with the Spanish law enforcement agencies, a large group of people from sub-Saharan African countries, perfectly organized and violent, forced the entrance and broke the access door to border control,” the prefecture told AFP.

Apocalyptic video footage shows waves of migrants, many of whom were armed, rushing towards the city and triumphantly marching through its streets.

Authorities say approximately 130 migrants illegally entered the city, while other estimates indicate the number could be higher.

African migrants apply constant pressure to the borders of Spain’s autonomous cities of Melilla and Ceuta.

Large groups of illegal aliens frequently attempt to rush border fences surrounding the enclaves in hopes of reaching Spanish soil and eventually being moved to the European continent.

Approximately 10,000 migrants stormed into Ceuta in the span of mere hours during a historic border siege last year.

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