Watch: Wild Brawl on French Street

Multiple men were involved in a vicious brawl on a busy street in France over the weekend, according to reports.

The shocking incident unfolded on Friday in the culturally-enriched city of Lyon.

Video footage shared on social media reportedly shows a man armed with a tire iron smashing the windows of a car stopped in the middle of rue Sébastien-Gryphe in the 7th arrondissement of the city.

The man delivers several blows against the windshield of the car before the driver jumps out to confront him.

The antagonist throws the tire iron at the driver and then appears to lunge at him with a knife before being repelled.

The driver picks up the tire iron and gives chase, ultimately tackling him and engaging in a brawl which is quickly broken up by bystanders.

"One of the protagonists went to the police station to file a complaint," Le Progres reports," Le Progres reports.

"Suspected of having hit him too, he was placed in custody. It is not known if the other person has yet been identified by the police. The two individuals seem to know each other."

The disturbing event comes amid a heated debate over violent crime and lawlessness tied to mass migration in France.

Military leaders fired off multiple incendiary letters last year, warning the Macron government of looming "civil war" if strong measures are not taken to regain control of a society spiraling into chaos.

The U.S. Constitution is the most valuable precept for liberty ever drafted by mankind and it must be secured.

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