WATCH Stumbling EU Chief at NATO Summit

Video footage showing top officials assisting a stumbling Jean-Claude Juncker at the NATO summit in Brussels has sparked speculation about the EU chief’s condition.

The President of the European Commission is observed repeatedly losing his balance and having difficulty ascending a small staircase while looking disoriented.

Juncker can also be seen liberally administering affectionate kisses to his male counterparts.

A variety of leaders, including Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and French President Emmanuel Macron, can be seen lending their assistance to keep Juncker upright during a gala and photo op.

Additionally, the Sun reports, “Photos also emerged of Mr Juncker appearing to mock the US President by sitting in the American chief’s seat and posing for the cameras.”

Juncker was eventually taken away in a wheelchair.

Many users on social media have offered their opinion that Juncker was intoxicated, and additional video evidence lends credibility to the theory.

While Juncker's allies attribute his condition to ongoing health issues, other officials have accused him of being intoxicated.

"Shameful appearance of Jean-Claude Juncker at the NATO Summit: Several people must support the apparently fall-drunk president of the European Commission, so that he can still somehow keep on his feet!" tweeted German MP Martin Reichardt.

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