Sweden's No-Go Zones Shock Japanese Economist

A Japanese economist has warned against opening his country's borders to uncontrolled migration, citing Sweden as an example of unbridled social transformation gone wrong.

Nordic publication YLE examined Japan's move to open its labor market to more foreign workers - a decision prominent economist and TV commentator Takaaki Mitsuhashi cautions should be approached carefully.

Speaking about a stint he spent conducting research in Sweden and its 'no-go' zones, Mitsuhashi said, "Whatever it was, it was not Sweden. We do not want this development in Japan."

"Look at how it has been for Sweden so you get a good picture of how it will be when you open the country for immigration," Mitsuhashi warned. "Foreigners - mainly from Africa and the Middle East - have settled in districts that they have since completely taken over."

Mitsuhashi offered similar striking comments regarding Sweden's cultural freefall at a panel discussion in the video below:

"All kinds of immigrants have started to live in places like Husby or Rosengård, and as a result, native Swedes have left those places," Mitsuhashi said. "And as a result, the percentage of immigrants has increased. This isn't Sweden anymore - a new country inside a country has come to life."

"What frightened me the most was that the average native Swede didn't even care," Mitsuhashi continued. "To see a society being divided to that extent is highly disturbing."

Infowars has thoroughly documented Sweden's migration-fueled collapse, most recently as a string of firebombings and arson attacks unfolded across the country, which Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven likened to a "coordinated... military operation."


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