Wild Video: Driver Fleeing French Police Slams Into Bus

A suspect fleeing motorcycle police crashed a stolen car into a bus at high speed in France this week, according to reports.

The dangerous incident unfolded late on Sunday night in Noisy-le-Sec, a commune in the culturally-enriched department of Seine-Saint-Denis.

The driver led authorities on a high-speed pursuit after refusing to comply with orders to stop.

At least two officers on motorcycles chased the suspect through city streets, as body cam footage shared on social media shows.

At one point, the officers are nearly struck by the speeding vehicle as it flies by with lights off.

The chase appears to continue over a bridge before the driver hurtles into a roundabout and slams into the side of a public bus which was reportedly returning to depot.

"The vehicle was falsely registered and reported stolen in Belgium," a source told C News.

The driver of the bus was slightly injured, while the fugitive was taken to hospital.

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