Wild Video: Mob Bombards French Police With Projectiles During Arrest

Multiple police officers were injured when a large mob pelted them with various objects during an arrest in France on Wednesday evening, according to reports.

Cops intercepted a man riding a scooter without a helmet through the Ariane district of Nice before the routine traffic stop spun out of control.

"The man started screaming to rouse other individuals," Actu 17 reports. "The police were then attacked by many people - around fifty, according to the Alliance Nationale police union."

"While the police were trying to control and arrest the suspect, they were the target of a shower of projectiles, including glass bottles, as it is possible to see and hear on various amateur videos."

In footage posted to social media, officers can be seen ducking for cover as objects rain down from above, presumably thrown from residential buildings lining the intersection.

Assailants at ground level run up to patrol cars and hurl projectiles at close range, and a shopping cart collides with a police vehicle in the videos.

The police union shared photos of the aftermath on social media.

Two officers suffered injuries during the ambush.

Mob attacks on police officers and fire responders have become commonplace in France, particularly in neighborhoods with large migrant populations.

Migrants from across the world are accepting the Biden administration's invitation to flood the southern border.

(PHOTO: Screenshots / Twitter)

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