Woman Doused in Fuel, Set Ablaze on Bus in Paris Suburbs

A 54-year-old woman suffered severe burns after a male suspect 'known to police' sprayed her with flammable fluids and set her on fire aboard a bus in the Paris suburb of Seine-Saint-Denis, according to reports.

The victim was riding public transport with her husband in the commune of Noisy-le-Sec on Saturday evening when the attack occurred.

A 41-year-old man identified by authorities as 'Adil M.' is suspected of dousing the woman with an accelerant believed to be petrol and setting her ablaze, Le Parisien reports.

Shocking video originally shared to Snapchat appears to show a man running onto a bus and discharging a fire extinguisher at a screaming person engulfed in flames.

"I want to express my horror at these images of a woman burned alive in Noisy Le Sec. We are facing barbarians," nationalist-populist figurehead and presidential frontrunner Marine Le Pen wrote about the incident.

"If we do not quickly implement a strong policy in the face of ultra-violence, our country will fall into chaos with incalculable consequences."

The woman is expected to survive but suffered serious burns to her neck and head.

Her husband was also burned while attempting to rescue her and the bus driver sustained injuries, as well.

The suspect, Adil M., is "very unfavorably" known to police due to a history of violence and death threats.

Authorities have opened an investigation into attempted manslaughter.

The radical left is now openly promoting eugenics.

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