Woman Given Prison Sentence For Beating Up Migrant Stalker

A woman in Turnhout, Belgium, was given a three-year suspended prison sentence for attacking a Syrian 'asylum seeker' who had been stalking her for months, according to reports.

Patricia S., 55, was convicted alongside a male friend who had intervened on her behalf after months of harassment and intimidation by the Syrian migrant.

Patricia had reportedly engaged in a brief relationship with the ‘asylum seeker,’ but upon breaking things off, he began pursuing her aggressively, sending threatening emails and turning up at her home.

“He did the same on 3 April 2019, the day the event took place. Patricia felt threatened and called an ex-colleague Tom B., who immediately jumped into his car and drove to Patricia's house,” SCEPTR reports.

“By the time the man arrived, the Syrian had already left on foot. They decided to chase him and hit him with a wooden pole.”

A district attorney prosecuting the case reportedly sought charges for attempted first degree murder and a six-year prison sentence.

However, a judge deemed the attack was merely an assault and handed down suspended three-year sentences.

Interestingly, two perpetrators described as ‘African youths’ were recently sentenced to community service after carrying out a month-long violent crime spree in the same municipality.

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