Woman Who Lived in Bataclan Building Says Attack Completely Changed Her Political Views

A French woman who lived in the Bataclan building says the attack completely changed her political views and is now warning about the “Islamization” of France.

The Bataclan theatre massacre, during which 90 people were killed by Islamic terrorists, was part of the wider November 13 Paris massacre which claimed a total of 130 lives.

Appearing on a French television debate show, the woman explained how Islamization was changing France.

“There is now a visibility of Islam in our everyday life and French….it’s undeniable,” she said, adding, “My fear for a Europe of open borders is that our identity, our European civilization will be threatened, that we’ll be perhaps only a few years from now in the minority with a different civilization that would make itself at home.”

The woman went on to point out that halal slaughter is now becoming routine in France, with 70% of French restaurants using halal meat, calling the development, “a form of Islamization”.

She concluded by pointing out that some countries, like Hungary and Italy, are reacting to the problem by tightening their borders but that France is unable to do so because of “political correctness”.


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