Worker Dies Following 'Medical Episode' at Amazon's Largest European Depot

An Amazon worker died as a result of a "medical episode" at a depot in Tilbury, Essex on Sunday, The Daily Mail reported.

The paper quoted an East Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman - a call was received "at 8.10 am yesterday with reports of a person who was unwell in Winchelsea Road, Tilbury...We sent one ambulance, however, the person sadly died at the scene."

According to police, the man's death is not being treated as suspicious.

It is believed that the worker had arrived early and was sitting in his car waiting for his shift to begin when he fell ill.

Amazon's depot at Tilbury is considered the biggest in Europe, with about 4,000 workers employed there. The company has faced criticism recently over working conditions at Tilbury after complaints emerged of staff being poorly treated during "exhausting" ten-hour shifts.

A woman claimed that she was reprimanded for not meeting the target of packing 120 items per hour, despite being six months pregnant. She said that another pregnant woman felt sick but was not allowed to get an ambulance - instead, she was simply accompanied to the onsite first aider.

"Tilbury fulfilment centre is a safe and positive workplace. Safety is our No1 priority and we take the wellbeing of our associates extremely seriously," the company's spokesman said, as quoted by The Daily Mail.

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