Workers at Asylum Centers Subject to Violence, Abuse by Migrants

Migrants living in 'refugee' centers in Europe are prone to "unacceptable" violent and abusive behavior, according to workers in Finnish and Dutch asylum centers.

Whistleblowers working with migrants in the Netherlands have come forward to tell their tales, which closely mirror experiences shared by their contemporaries in Finland.

The Federatie Nederlandse Vakbeweging trade union says staffers are facing a "growing minority of North Africans" who have created an "unsustainable" environment for staff and fellow migrants due to "threats, theft, and fights," according to Netherlands public broadcaster NOS.

"I've seen many incidents, but what is happening now is just completely unacceptable," said a male employee of the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers, under condition of anonymity due to legal restrictions on speaking to media.

"I've experienced that they threaten each other with knives, stabbings. They’ve completely destroyed their own living quarters. Doors are broken – they’ve kicked holes in them. It looks like a pigsty; it’s just unacceptable."

A female asylum center employee told NOS, "The daily situation is not safe, and, well, next week I might get a knife between my ribs."

"The frequency and seriousness of the incidents keep increasing," she continued. "Blood is often spilled. Knives are involved. Look, in most of the cases other occupants are the target of the aggression, but when things get out of hand, it might be the turn of one of my coworkers."

Concurrently, a report published by Finland's national broadcaster YLE indicates that staff at migrant reception centers are experiencing an unprecedented level of aggression and abuse, as documented incidents doubled in 2018.

Olli Snellman, director of the Finnish Immigration Services reception center program, says migrants are known to verbally threaten employees or violently throw objects, particularly after receiving negative asylum decisions.

Snellman called the behavior "unacceptable."

YLE reports that some 10,000 'asylum seekers' are currently housed in reception centers across Finland, many of whom are Iraqis.

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