WORLD CUP - Multiculti France Burns, Dignified Croatians Celebrate Loss

The World Cup's final outcome produced a model illustration of the stark contrast between nationalism and globalism as Croatians celebrated their loss in a dignified, cheerful manner, while multicultural France was ravaged by rioters.

Shocking videos and images continue to emerge from French cities besieged by migrants and anarchists alike who set fires, looted shops, and destroyed vehicles.

Some have speculated that many of the vandals are merely opportunists seeking any occasion to plunder and wreak havoc.

At least two people died during 'celebrations,' and three small children were struck by a motorcyclist in Lorraine who fled the scene.

Local media reports that at least 850 cars were burned over the course of the weekend - which coincidentally spanned Bastille Day - dismissing the mass-scale vandalism as "something of a tradition."

Meanwhile, in culturally homogenous Croatia, which has accepted very few migrants, the losing team's accomplishments were celebrated in a comparatively civil manner, and no riots or major destruction were reported.

Open borders fanatics on social media and in mainstream media hailed France's win as a victory for 'diversity' and a defeat of 'xenophobia' and 'racism.'

"What a victory for France! Well-deserved," tweeted Mehdi Hasan, a columnist for The Intercept and host at Al-Jazeera. "Oh and Le Pen and all the other racist French nationalists, you can shut your mouths and hang your heads in shame. Amazing team, amazing diversity, amazing talent."

According to a detailed ancestry tracker at Net Bet, the vast majority of players on the French squad are offspring of first generation immigrants.

"Of the four goals France scored against Croatia, two were scored by the sons of African immigrants – Paul Pogba, whose parents immigrated from Guinea, and Kylian Mbappe whose mother is Algerian and father is Cameroonian," notes the Daily Sabah. "Pogba is a practicing Muslim, along with six of his teammates including starting midfielder N'Golo Kante."

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